DESIGNED FOR A REASON. A thoughtful solution in every stitch. L.L.Bean products are designed to inspire. Motivate. Keep you cool and comfortable. Send you off in true style. Or simply make you feel good. They’re designed by people who get out in the world and come back with ideas that make your life easier, more fun and ready for adventure. DESIGNED FOR EVERY ELEMENT. Our most famous product was also designed to solve a problem. Leon Leonwood Bean was tired of his hunting trips getting bogged down by wet feet. So he invented a light, rugged, waterproof boot that lasts and lasts. It’s the original – and still the best. DESIGNED TO CARRY ON. We designed this tote bag in 1944 to perform one specific task – haul ice. Since then, it’s carried whatever the day may hold. Beach books and baby bottles. Groceries and gardening tools. Still handcrafted in Maine from durable canvas in an ever-evolving mix of styles and colors. DESIGNED TO SET THE STANDARD. We designed these all-cotton flannel shirts in 1937 to be the softest and warmest you can buy. They look even better and feel even more comfortable over time.